Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My Prettiest Little Lovely

I love looking at all the pretty sparkly jewels and beads I have collected for my jewelry making. I have a grand time rummaging through all of my vintage treasures, especially my sparkly button collection. Nothing, however, puts a smile on my face like my prettiest little lovely- my wonderful daughter. She reminds me just how special every day is and how beautiful and magical the world can be through a child's eyes. And did I mention she is hilarious? After sitting down this morning to answer emails, check the shop, and proceed with the usual morning ritual, she informed me (in her exact words), "Mom, I am going to get big like you. I am going to get my own house and buy breakable things." I do't think I have ever laughed so hard. I didn't know she wanted breakable things that badly! So, in honor of my prettiest little lovely, I think we will have a fun filled day taking it easy, playing, minor cleaning, and maybe...just maybe...we will go out and buy something.. breakable (maybe that little mirror I had my eye on- I know even my daughter will appreciate it-4 year olds love their own reflection)!

Have a beautiful day!

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