Tuesday, April 28, 2009

First Craft Show

Well, my first craft show was a bust! My friend and I had been working hard for weeks gathering our products and coming up with a set-up that we felt really reflected the look we were going for. I thought that the show would be absolutely wonderful because it was right in a busy part of the city. Live music all day, good food, decent amount of vendors. Boy was I wrong! Nobody attended the show! The music and food were wonderful, but where was everyone? I maybe saw 100 people, and I think that is a pretty generous estimate. Not to mention, it was hotter than Hades (90 degrees in April)! All was not to be lost however! Although we did spend 7 hours in the heat, got a bit sunburned and slightly dehydrated, it was a fun day! How come you ask? I got to spend the day surrounded by all of the things I have created out there for the world (okay maybe just Charlotte) to see, enjoyed terrific live music, ate good food (funnel cake for lunch, yumm!), created new little lovelies, and spent the day in the company of a good friend. Not to mention our booth was everything I hoped it would be. Discouraged- no way! Point me in the direction of another show! I'm ready!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Mother's Day Sale

Well, it's been a while, but I would like to announce that Eclectic Orchid is having a Mother's Day Sale! Eclectic Orchid would love to help you show your mother, or the mother in your life, just how much you love her! Lot's of special, fun and unique items to let her know just how much you care (of course a hug, kiss, helping hand, and declaration of your love will also do-haha)! I also love custom orders and am always glad to help you create that perfect little gift! Receive 10% off your order (pre-shipping) through May 3. I can either create a revised listing for you or refund through paypal. Your choice! So, come on over and pick out something special! (Oh, and the picture is me and my mom- I thought it was fitting!)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Another Monday...

Well, I hope everyone had a good monday and a beautiful Easter weekend. We were a bit down in the dumps that my brother-in-law had to return home to Louisiana, but the beautiful weather helped to perk up our spirits. Easter day was about as gorgeous as it could be- warm, sunny , and the flowers in full bloom! The dogwoods are absolutely amazing! I didn't create very many pieces over the past week, but I did make a new piece for my Twilight collection and listed it today. Clearly you can tell whose side I'm on! Hope you call had a good day!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Madame Flutterby

Well, it's been an amazingly busy week. I have family visiting and have been busy gearing up for the upcoming art festival. It sure is a lot of work and I really hope it pays off! Well, if nothing more, I am hoping for a fantastic day of glorious sunshine, good company and great music! I haven't been listing much because I am trying to keep things aside for the festival, but I am pretty pleased with my latest creation. I call her Madame Flutterby. Why flutterby you ask? It seems etsy is loaded with Madame Butterflies, and personally I think Madame Flutterby has a nice whimsical little ring to it. She wants to be a bit different, wants to stand out on her own! I am hoping to list her really soon! Hope you like her!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Time to get moving!

Yes that's right! It's time for me to get moving and shaking creating things for the upcoming Central Piedmont Community College Arts Fest. It looks like it's going to be a dismal Thursday, so I am going to work on my tent setup and some new pieces. I am hopeful that this is going to be a fantastic event! If you are going to be in the Charlotte area on April 25th, check it out: http://artsfest.cpcc.edu/

It was also time for me to join twitter. Not sure what its benefit to Eclectic Orchid will be yet, but I'm hopeful! Follow me: http://www.twitter.com/EclecticOrchid
Have a good Thursday all!