Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My Prettiest Little Lovely

I love looking at all the pretty sparkly jewels and beads I have collected for my jewelry making. I have a grand time rummaging through all of my vintage treasures, especially my sparkly button collection. Nothing, however, puts a smile on my face like my prettiest little lovely- my wonderful daughter. She reminds me just how special every day is and how beautiful and magical the world can be through a child's eyes. And did I mention she is hilarious? After sitting down this morning to answer emails, check the shop, and proceed with the usual morning ritual, she informed me (in her exact words), "Mom, I am going to get big like you. I am going to get my own house and buy breakable things." I do't think I have ever laughed so hard. I didn't know she wanted breakable things that badly! So, in honor of my prettiest little lovely, I think we will have a fun filled day taking it easy, playing, minor cleaning, and maybe...just maybe...we will go out and buy something.. breakable (maybe that little mirror I had my eye on- I know even my daughter will appreciate it-4 year olds love their own reflection)!

Have a beautiful day!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Glimpse Into My Creative Space

Well, the weather continues to keep us indoors as it has been blustery and cold, but at least the sun was out today. I have been spending some time getting things tidied up around the house, and organizing here and there. It is quite a feat for someone who who would much prefer to dwell in chaos, but it might be fun to actually know where things are for a change! This especially rings true for my little creative space, otherwise known as my studio/guest bedroom. The light coming into the room was so beautiful this afternoon, that I decided to snap a few shots of my favorite space and the special, pretty little things within it that inspire me! It may look a bit cluttered, but I love to be surrounded by things that bring to mind thoughts of fairy tales, happy memories, and beauty, color and whimsy. From my grandfather's old worn hat, to a vintage dress form clad in my mustard dress and a scrap of lace, everything in this space inspires me to create. The room is filled with fun antique shop finds, thrift store treasures, my paper umbrella collection, tiny mirrors, colorful art, and my own photography. So, come on in and grab a glimpse into my little creative space! Hope you enjoy seeing the world of Eclectic Orchid!

Much love!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Little Man!

Well, yesterday was my little man's 6th birthday! I really can't believe he has been a part of my life for so long! And yes, I am speaking of my dog. In this house your birthday is celebrated all the same. He dined on his favorite meal of pancakes and was begging for more. You may wonder (or not-haha) how we do indeed know that pancakes are his favorite. Well I'll tell you a little story. When he was just a wee pup my husband and I had just finished up a delicious pancake breakfast and were sitting at the kitchen bar sipping coffee. In the corner of my eye I caught sight of my then tiny pup dragging a pancake across the kitchen floor. Yes that's right- he had taken one peek into the garbage can and decided that tasty dish was not going to waste. I have never again seen him dig anything out of the garbage, so that's why we are absolutely certain they are his fave. Make's sense, right?

My daughter and I surprised him with a delicious box of doggy gourmet cookies (which my daughter was upset she could not taste) and a few fun toys- a sock monkey stuffed with a water bottle that crackles super loudly (also encourages recycling which is cool), a squeaky popcorn box, and the best dog toy I have ever seen, a squeaky doggy beer! Needless to say, I figured it was time this pooch had a beer since he is 42 in human years and seriously needs to relax. It is hilarious watching him walk around with the bottle. Don't worry- it's just a chew toy!

So Happy Birthday little man! Couldn't ask for a better friend!