Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Glimpse Into My Creative Space

Well, the weather continues to keep us indoors as it has been blustery and cold, but at least the sun was out today. I have been spending some time getting things tidied up around the house, and organizing here and there. It is quite a feat for someone who who would much prefer to dwell in chaos, but it might be fun to actually know where things are for a change! This especially rings true for my little creative space, otherwise known as my studio/guest bedroom. The light coming into the room was so beautiful this afternoon, that I decided to snap a few shots of my favorite space and the special, pretty little things within it that inspire me! It may look a bit cluttered, but I love to be surrounded by things that bring to mind thoughts of fairy tales, happy memories, and beauty, color and whimsy. From my grandfather's old worn hat, to a vintage dress form clad in my mustard dress and a scrap of lace, everything in this space inspires me to create. The room is filled with fun antique shop finds, thrift store treasures, my paper umbrella collection, tiny mirrors, colorful art, and my own photography. So, come on in and grab a glimpse into my little creative space! Hope you enjoy seeing the world of Eclectic Orchid!

Much love!


  1. ooh, is this the spare room or the room over the garage? it's really nice. -laurel

  2. Still crammed in the spare room! We've started on the room over the garage and hope to start the ac & electrical soon but it is going so slooooow. So, where shall we take this trip?