Saturday, April 10, 2010

Fortuneless? Not Me!

Well, yesterday turned out to be a fabulous day! The day started out with my ruffled flower bib style necklace, Caramel Chocolate Delight, featured on Charlotte's FOX News Rising!

You see, it was Fashion Friday and I was one of the lucky artists whose creation was chosen for a segment on local jewelry designers! I was beyond excited to see my little necklace on tv. Such an honor! You can see the segment here:

So then we met my husband for lunch out in Charlotte. My daughter is obsessed with a chinese food place there, so naturally that's where we dined. And then, the fortune cookies arrived...

So we all got some pretty great fortunes. Apparently, this coming Friday will be an exciting time for my 4-year-old (strange), my husband's friends will soon give him a great surprise (which is quite funny since we always joke he has no friends), and my investment of time in work this week is important (yeah! will it finally pay off?). Pretty profound, I thought! But, alas, dear cousin Jessie- you were fortuneless. An empty fortune cookie is never fun. But maybe we were looking at this the wrong way. Maybe it means good luck. Maybe it means you are free to create your own fortune.
We finished off the day with yet another trip to the Sleepy Poet, where I found the prettiest little bone china floral tea cup. Oh, how I love you little tea cup. Then a few random pics since the light was so pretty and the backyard has become lush and green.
So, takes some time to stop and smell the gorgeous spring flowers. Life is beautiful! Have a lovely weekend!