Thursday, April 9, 2009

Madame Flutterby

Well, it's been an amazingly busy week. I have family visiting and have been busy gearing up for the upcoming art festival. It sure is a lot of work and I really hope it pays off! Well, if nothing more, I am hoping for a fantastic day of glorious sunshine, good company and great music! I haven't been listing much because I am trying to keep things aside for the festival, but I am pretty pleased with my latest creation. I call her Madame Flutterby. Why flutterby you ask? It seems etsy is loaded with Madame Butterflies, and personally I think Madame Flutterby has a nice whimsical little ring to it. She wants to be a bit different, wants to stand out on her own! I am hoping to list her really soon! Hope you like her!


  1. Another winner!! Marcy!!! Love it :)
    Love the new jewelry mixed with the clay, because you don't see it that often...:) Good Luck with the festival!

  2. She is adorable! You're so talented! :)