Tuesday, April 28, 2009

First Craft Show

Well, my first craft show was a bust! My friend and I had been working hard for weeks gathering our products and coming up with a set-up that we felt really reflected the look we were going for. I thought that the show would be absolutely wonderful because it was right in a busy part of the city. Live music all day, good food, decent amount of vendors. Boy was I wrong! Nobody attended the show! The music and food were wonderful, but where was everyone? I maybe saw 100 people, and I think that is a pretty generous estimate. Not to mention, it was hotter than Hades (90 degrees in April)! All was not to be lost however! Although we did spend 7 hours in the heat, got a bit sunburned and slightly dehydrated, it was a fun day! How come you ask? I got to spend the day surrounded by all of the things I have created out there for the world (okay maybe just Charlotte) to see, enjoyed terrific live music, ate good food (funnel cake for lunch, yumm!), created new little lovelies, and spent the day in the company of a good friend. Not to mention our booth was everything I hoped it would be. Discouraged- no way! Point me in the direction of another show! I'm ready!


  1. Oh, thats too bad..Your pictures of the tent and tables look amazing! Glad to see your positive outlook..Im sure next time will be great...

  2. Pics are fabulous! So sorry it was bust but it looks like you had a good time! It's great that you're not discouraged.

    I've considered entering a craft show but I'm a little apprehensive about it...