Monday, March 23, 2009

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday everyone! Although I am not a fan of Mondays and never have been, I have been taking the time today to reflect on what have been a few exciting weeks for Eclectic Orchid and myself! First myself: Took a much needed weekend trip to Savannah a couple weekends ago with the girls and picked up some lovely new beads from a shop downtown. I also spent the past week gearing up for a baby shower that I hosted for a friend this weekend. I think she really enjoyed it and it meant a lot to me to see her happy and relaxed (if even for only a few hours).

Next Eclectic Orchid: Met (virtually speaking) a wonderful lady named Jade Bourdeaux a couple weeks ago who happens to live in my neck of the woods and completely loves my jewelry. She was fantastic enough to feature me in her blog and have a fantastic pay it forward giveaway with my cherry earrings as the prize!

Thanks a bunch to Jade and her terrific blog! Check it out:

Congrats to Shanna for winning the giveaway (, and thanks to a New York City Housewife In Training ( and Yours Truly ( for mentioning Eclectic Orchid and some of my jewelry in their blogs!

Last but not least, on Friday I brought some of my jewelry over to Charlotte magazine to be photographed for their May issue! I am super excited to say the least! Thanks to all of you who continue to support Eclectic Orchid! You truly make me feel like this adventure is worth while! Thanks for all of the hearts and love! Look for more goodies soon to come!

Sign up and become a follower of my blog and then mention that you read my blog for 10% off your next Eclectic Orchid purchase through this week (ends 3/29/08)! Of course this is good for existing followers as well! Thanks you guys!

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  1. Ok, this answers my question! WOW, Thanks for the lovely words about my BLOG! Let me know if you have anything new that you think I would like! Also, I might need something for my hair. I'll talk with you about all of that in an email (also Andrea's jewlery for her Bday). Ohhh, I am soooo exited!