Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Boo, hiss! This weather stinks!

So, I thought winter was behind us but the cold is back and so is the rain! I know we need it, but I am tired of all this stinky weather! I think I am going to try to bring back spring with some earrings based on a lovely tree I saw in Savannah a couple weekends ago. And if warmer weather comes back, I will definitely know that it was all due to the creation of these earrings and then Eclectic Orchid will win world wide notoriety as having earrings that can alter weather patterns. The impact will be astounding- did I take it too far?
PS- Check out the way creepy "haunted" house behind the lovely flowers. Seriously, could not get enough photos of this place!


  1. Oh, this weather DOES stink, and I can't help but feel bad for all of the plants. They start to bloom, then it gets cold and rains, start to bloom, get my point!
    The Cherry Blossoms are WONDERFUL! I was condo hunting a few days ago, and I was so drawn to a house that was overpriced and not what I wanted, all because of a beautiful tree, I am in awe of the South Carolina tree's. North Carolina is really popular for it's Dogwoods,a nd while they are pretty, they stink really bad. But these tree'sOMG, re divine...if the weather ever clears up so I can see them.
    I am actually really happy about what happened, because it opened my eyes. I had just started becoming really slack at work, because things were slow and I felt hopeless, and I didn't realize that other people noticed. I am glad that it was called to my attention, ecspecially by those two instead of my BOSS!
    Oh, By the way....I am wearing your New Orleans LAdy Earrings today, with a dress and jeans underneath (layering my spring clothes, b/c I already put the winter ones up) ha ha... it doesnt matter what you wear, as long as you like it, and it says something about you, ya know? But anyways, I have worn your earrings ALL week, it's about time to make another order. Did you get any orders from any of my followers?
    Shanna loved hers!

  2. Ohhh, thank you Marcy!!! I am def. going to check them out! Have you ever refinished furniture? I never have :( Any tips?
    Do you know of any place to get good, inexpensive hardware (for dressers,etc?)...I don't know where to begin!

  3. Wow! Love that picture..Its beautiful!! Here's to better weather :)