Friday, April 1, 2011

Neglected and Sad

It's true, I've neglected you, made you sad, poor little blog! Life has gotten so busy and you have been tossed aside like a dirty dish rag. I'll try to do better sweet friend!

Lots of new lovelies are slowly making their way into the shop for the spring! Here are a few...
Head on over to Eclectic Orchid to see more of the new spring collection!

And I'll soon be introducing my Ring Around the Rosey custom fabric flower necklaces in gorgeous, vibrant colors. Below is a sneak peak at a spring photo shoot by local photographer Lindsay Hess who was kind enough to use my new necklace (shown here in teal blue). How gorgeous is this photo? See more of this lovely photo shoot over at Lindsay's Facebook page!

Last, but not at all least, I am one of the sponsors over at Violet Bella's World blog for the month of April! It is a gorgeous blog with dreamy images, inspiring reads, and lots of heart. Take the time to visit if you haven't already- it's totally worth it, I promise! Have a look around her Etsy shop, Violet Bella, as well. Oh my- its lovely!

This weekend is supposed to be a beauty so I am hoping to get my fill of nature- sprucing up the flower beds and planting a vegetable garden. Hope your weekend is wonderful as well!

Lots of Love~


  1. lovely pieces... gld i stumbled on your blog ; )

  2. yay! thank you. im so happy you are one of my sponsors. im loving all of your work, and you are such as sweetheart, which makes all the difference in my world! xoxo.